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  • Ben Swanson

    Hey, I’m Ben Swanson, the Assistant Station manager of 88.7 KWDM The Point, a student-run radio station at Valley High School in West Des Moines, Iowa. The rest of the staff/club and I are huge fans of you, and were wondering if you would be interested and have the time to do an interview sometime. We’d love having you and would look forward to hearing from you.
    Ben Swanson

  • Chris McClelland


    i ordered a t-shirt on July 17th and my cc was charged on July 27th. I have yet to receive it.

    order #2125

    • Chris McClelland

      please reply

  • Dave Scott

    Hoodies please, and how and the hell are the stickers out of stock for over two weeks? Really trying to #EnjoyIt.

  • Loretta Meyer

    Hi my name is Loretta Meyer , I have not received my order which included 2 t shirts ! My card has been charged long ago , got an email saying order was being shipped . yet , still haven’t received ! can u help please .