A quick update on the status of this store

So we are finally all caught up with orders and are at a normal turnover time for orders which is 5 business days from the day you order.

I am dealing with Brody’s sister and management to try to reprint some old designs and get new merch up. If we do this, we will be donating all proceeds to a charity that Stephanie (his sister) has chosen.

Ill most likely send out a chain email to everyone who has ordered from the store letting them know. Ill also update it here.

Okay..thank you for your support and for reading this update!



A message from the admin of this store….

Hi. My name is Jayarr. Ive been brody’s merch guy for about 8 years now.

Its friday, 5pm, Feb 22 and i just got the news.

I am in the same boat as all you guys….confused and kind of lost.

I see the insane outpouring of love…all the merch you guys are buying and i really appreciate it.

Im going to keep the store running until we sell out of brody’s current stock…because im not sure what else to do. Im pretty sure thats what Steve would have wanted anyway.

Thank you for all of your support over the years. I have was a fan of Brody’s way before i contacted him about merchandise so i know its important that i get these shirts out to you.

It may take over a week for some of these to get processed, but i swear they are coming.

Thanks again, and if you have any questions feel free to email me at jayarr@jayarrcustoms.com