USPS International Rate Increase

I really have to apologize. The USPS, a service that pretty much any tshirt company uses for shipping, is almost DOUBLING their package mailing prices. Im trying my best to keep these changes from affecting the bulk of you as much as possible, but the rates on this store have gone up. Here are some examples of the rate increases:


8oz package to Canada in 2012 – $4.05

8oz package to Canada in 2013 – $7.70

8oz package to UK in 2012          -$8.46

8oz package to UK in 2013         -$11.48


You can see the prices for packages to Canada almost double. Im as unhappy about this as im sure you all are and im hoping this doesnt affect your ability to support your favorite artist. Thanks alot you guys…


- Jayarr Customs